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Born in 2002, la Maison Manoush is a French feminine brand which succeeded in the fashion world by breaking the rules.

It all started when the designer Frederique Trou-Roy returning from a colorful-experience trip in Marrakech. After wandering in Marrakech markets, full of imagination, she came back to Paris with a collection of accessories. Frederique didn’t stop the adventure; after further trips to India, Africa, Middle Est and Africa where she found her inspiration, she came back full of ideas and the Manoush style was born: feminine, bohemian and handcraft.

We recognize la maison MANOUSH style throughout the embroidery work, application of sequins and colorful prints which make every piece unique and recognizable.

Address: 74 Rue François Sibilli, 83990 Saint-Tropez

There are also stores in Antibes, Cannes and Nice.
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