Another picturesque village to see is Biot, located not far from Antibes.

This village offers a beautiful backdrop in the hills, along with a rich history. First settled by the Romans about 2,000 years ago, the village was also home to the Templars in medieval times. You'll find some wonderful relics of the past in this small village.

Biot is famous for its decorative pottery and glasswork - a perfect present to bring back home. We recommend visiting Verrerie Farinelli or La verrerie de Biot.

Verrerie Farinelli
Address: 465 Route de la Mer, 06410 Biot
Opening hours: Daily from 10h to 19h

La verrerie de Biot
Address: Chemin des Combes - 06410 Biot
Opening hours (in summer): Monday to Saturday, 9H30 to 20H, Sunday 10H30 to 13H30, then 14H30 to 19H30