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Mamo Michelangelo

Restaurant le Michelangelo, Italian specialities in the heart of Old Antibes. In an old wine cellar from the Domaine Ott vineyard, built of old stones, full of history, you can eat an excellent risotto of calamari or lobster or scallops and shrimp, the famous "spalla d'agnello" (lamb shoulder grilled on a wood fire), rabbit with herbs (grilled on a wood fire) or "saltimbocca romana" (veal escalope with parma ham and emmental cheese)…

The chef, Mamo, is a true artist, and regularly welcomes celebrities to his restaurant: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, to name a few. Despite its true success, it remains reasonably priced, making it a perfect spot for a laid back lunch. 

Address: 3, Rue Des Cordiers  - Vieil Antibes
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