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Our ambition is to offer a curated selection of high end experiences to our clients. We are constantly working on improving our level of services, and on widening the scope of services we display. We are also working on helping our clients to experience intellectually-stimulating holidays, to complement the classic beach activities.

If you provide unique experiences in restauration, lifestyle, photography, sports, fashion, art, child care, group activities, or if you believe that your product will interest luxury travelers, get in touch with us.
Valeria Alekhin
Chief Partnerships Officer

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We believe that organizing leisure activities when staying in a private luxury accommodation should be as easy as booking a 5* hotel.
We believe that on holidays, the main travelers' concern should be about choosing the activities that fit their mood, and not their booking process.
That those who travel with their families or friends should not spend more time organising their holidays just because they are in a large group.
That holidays can be as lazy, sporty, intellectual or educational as the travelers want, and they should be provided with all the possible options.
That holidays are an exciting, pleasant and romantic experience whenever they happen: in high season or off season.
If you share these values, contact us right now!
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